Eden Tea

The manufacturers of Eden Tea, Karirana Estates Limited have over 60 years of experience in the growing and management of high quality tea. They have a strong tea heritage that gives Eden Tea consumers confidence that they are taking the best tea.

The Finest Garden Tea

After years of selling tea in bulk at the Mombasa auction, the long journey of Eden tea began when Karirana Estates initially launched Karirana Tea pouches and sachets in 2005. The move was informed by the need to add value and produce tea that was ready for sale to the final consumer at the factory. Due to increasing consumer demand, Karirana Estate Limited launched a national brand – Eden Tea in 2008. This started what has been an amazing Eden Tea’s success value addition story in Kenya. Today, Eden Tea is a household name and is among the top tea brands in the region.

Eden Tea takes a relatively short time in plucking, processing, packaging and distribution, this has endeared the brand to loyal consumers. Eden Tea has leveraged on efficiencies from bush to cup, with stringent quality assurance along the entire process. Consistence in quality of Eden Tea continues to propel consumer’s preference for this fresh taste.

Eden Tea has redefined consumer choice by giving everyone a wide product choice. This gives tea lovers a choice and say in the type of tea they wish to drink that is according to their tastes, identity, preferences, health choices and goals.

Why Eden Tea?

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Consistent Taste / Flavour

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Variety of pack sizes

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Quality, Pure & Natural (No Additives)

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